The Pearl of Interior Design – Stretched Ceilings

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The Pearl of Interior Design - Stretched Ceilings

There is a lot of buzz surrounding stretched ceilings these days. You can see these majestic looking ceilings in commercial buildings, halls, and auditoriums and marvelled at their beauty and elegance. It appears that the ceiling is suspended in the air without any support. However, these ceiling are very strong and never drop off because of their weight or any other reason. In fact, normal drywall ceilings can peel off and need restoration every 3-5 years but stretched ceilings are made to last very long. It is no surprise then that these beautiful and charming ceilings that require no maintenance are termed as ‘The pearl of the interiors’.

No mess and no moving of furniture items

It is the installation of a stretched ceiling that makes it a clear winner in comparison with drywall ceilings. There is no mess at all and you can get stretched ceiling installed without the need to remove furniture already placed in the room. On the other hand, you have to remove every piece of furniture placed in the room before installing drywall ceiling simply because of all the mess that is created during its installation.
Interior Design

It is not magic but pure science behind stretched ceiling

It is not magic but pure science behind stretched ceiling

If you have tried to figure out the magic behind lofting or suspended ceilings but do not know how it is created, here is the secret and the science behind it. A suspended ceiling has basically two components.

• The upper track which is mostly invisible and perimeter in shape

• A lightweight fabric that is stretched to serve as a membrane below this track

It is the upper track made of aluminium that holds the lower stretched fabric together. The stretched fabric is actually clipped on to the aluminium track. A stretched ceiling allows for fitting of light fixtures of all types to provide a stunning look and certain charm to it. Diffused or translucent lighting coming down from a stretched ceiling makes it look even more beautiful and provides a setting that is nothing less than royal in hotels and auditoriums.
It is mostly aluminium sheet that is used for making the semi concealed perimeter track for stretched ceilings.

These days however, PVC is one material that is gaining ascendency over aluminium because of its low cost and durability which is no less than aluminium.

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Installation of a stretched ceiling is time saving rather than time consuming. From its looks, it is hard to even imagine that you could get a 150 square feet ceiling installed in just 5 hours’ time. On the other hand, an ordinary drywall ceiling takes 2 days for its installation and that too without painting. Painting takes another 3-4 days to be applied on this ceiling. So if you are in a hurry or do not want to call up labour to move furniture in your room, you are better off with stretched ceiling.

Wide variety of colours and textures

There is no end to using your imagination when installing stretched ceiling as there are endless options in terms of designs, colours, and textures. You have more than 150 colours to choose from , and an array of textures to weave a design for your unique stretched ceiling. In contrast, a drop ceiling or a drywall ceiling offers very small range of colours and textures. You can play with your imagination to come up with a beautiful and interesting design and a texture of your choosing to create the magic with stretched ceiling at your home or office. You not only save money but also get a feature in your home that adds to its beauty and value.

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