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House extension isn’t something that started in recent times. Instead, it has been considered a highly viable option to increase the property’s space for centuries. Although the methods of extending a house have changed now, the aims are still the same: increasing the space and value without investing much and move home. If you want house extensions in Fulham, you need to hire professional builders to do this job affordably and skillfully.

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Tenfold Renovation is a leading house extension company in Fulham with a long-standing reputation for providing services ranging from renovation, extensions and repairs to driveways and gardens. Our priority is to give our clients the best construction services at an affordable price. We are proud to have a vast portfolio of thousands of positive reviews from satisfied clients in major cities across the UK.

Our Hallmarks

  1. Matching the aesthetics of your home: A good home extension matches the aesthetics of your home. To this end, our design team sits, discusses, and chooses the most appropriate design that matches the rest of your home. Once done, the construction team will build it accordingly to give your home an attractive look.
  2. Assure thermal efficient spaces: A house extension must be thermally efficient to retain warmth in winter and coolness in summer, saving you energy and electricity bills. At Tenfold Renovation, we install suitable pelmets, insulated columns, and double-glazing windows to make the extension thermally efficient.
  3. Add to home’s value: Many clients extend their homes to increase their resale value before putting them on the market. If you are extending your home for this reason or any other, you can utilise our house extension services in Fulham, and our team will keep the cost as low as possible for you to get maximum ROI.
  4. Future-proof solution: When you hire our house extensions service in Fulham, we build durable house extensions that endure environmental hazards and extreme weather conditions. This happens because our team uses high-quality materials and latest construction techniques skilfully to ensure a future-proof living space.
The following are the steps undertaken by our home extensions builders in Fulham:

We Undertake a Systematic Approach to Work

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You must call professional home extension builders in Fulham to expand your property ideally and affordably. You can contact us today and get the best house extension services at your doorstep. We have a team of professional house extension builders in Fulham, including designers, engineers and workers, who love to carefully complete your extension project within the given timeframe. Let’s connect, discuss, and complete your project!


We start with a survey of your home with our team of expert designers and engineers. It’s helpful if you have the drawings for your home since it can help us better understand the ins and outs of your property. Even if you don’t have one, our teams will manage it and survey your home carefully. It usually takes only 1-5 hours, depending on our team’s surveying method. The laser survey takes almost 45 minutes and offers more accuracy since these outline a digital twin of your home. On the other hand, the hand survey may take 3-5 hours to assess your home’s construction, mapping, and other factors.

Designing and Planning

In the next phase, we design and plan your home extension. Our design team draws a suitable home extension according to your building’s theme and surveying data. After that, the design is shown to you so that it can be implemented once you approve. After your approval, we start planning your home extension. In this phase, we list all the tools and equipment, and make and deploy a team of experts for your project.


We begin with the construction process, only after ensuring that we have the necessary planning permissions for the construction. We may have to talk to the relevant department to finish it on time. When constructing the extension, we follow all the safety rules and regulations to keep your property safe and sound. Our team of engineers and workers are professionals, so they know their job well. We prioritise fulfilling all your requirements so that we find you delighted in the end.


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