Bathroom Renovation in Sutton

Bathrooms are a vital part of your home. They provide several utilities for personal hygiene and add to your home’s aesthetic value. Fully functional and modern bathrooms offer you great comfort. They are also complex because they have several installations and accessories. From bathtubs to sinks, showers to heating accessories, decorative wall tiles to flooring, and plumbing systems to electrical installations, they are compact yet highly functional units.

Over time your bathrooms can deteriorate and may require partial or full-scale renovation. Our expert bathroom fitters in Sutton are here to ensure that you have highly aesthetic and useful bathrooms. From new builds to complete remodelling of your existing bathrooms and from partial to complete bathroom renovation, we offer you various services to meet your budget and requirements.

Full Bathroom Renovation

A full bathroom renovation may include some or all of the activities below:

  1. Demolition and Rebuilding.
  2. Replacement or Upgrading of All Plumbing Installations and Accessories.
  3. Replacement or Upgrading of All Electrical Installations and Accessories.
  4. Wall and Floor Tile Replacement.
  5. Repair and Repainting of Walls and Ceilings.
  6. Replacement of Fixtures.
  7. Replacement or Upgrading of Cabinetry and Storage.
  8. Installation of Lighting.
  9. Finishing and Decorative Touches.

Our professional bathroom fitters can help you plan and execute a bathroom renovation project that meets your needs and budget. They can guide you through the process and ensure that all elements of the renovation are done correctly and to your complete satisfaction.

Customised Renovations to Meet Your Requirements

Households do not always need full-scale bathroom renovations. At times all you need is a combination of a few renovating activities. You can also carry out a stepwise renovation to reduce the pressure on your budget. You can avail of a single or a combination of our bathroom renovation Sutton services that meet your requirements.

Repairs and Repainting

If your bathroom walls have deteriorated or the paint has peeled off, we can repair and repaint them and make them look new again. Wall and floor tiles or other materials such as vinyl can help you create a visually pleasing and exotic bathroom. False ceilings and texture painting can do magic in bathrooms. Our interior designers can help you prepare the perfect design.

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Upgrading Bathroom Fixtures

Updating your fixtures is a great way to modernise your bathroom rather than undertaking a complete overhaul. Swap out old faucets, showerheads, and hardware for new, stylish options. Consider installing a rainfall showerhead or a freestanding bathtub for a luxurious feel. Bathtubs and shower compartments can provide you with comfort and also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathrooms.

Adding Lighting and Storage

Clutter can quickly take over a small bathroom, so adding more storage is essential. Consider installing a vanity with drawers or shelves, a towel heating rack, and other storage accessories. Lighting is essential in bathrooms, as the right lights can make even the smallest bathrooms look spacious and bright. Try LED lights and decorative lights to reduce electricity consumption while enhancing the beauty of your bathrooms.

Plumbing and Electrical Installations

Our bathroom renovation Sutton services also include complete replacement of your plumbing and electrical network. We will ensure that you get a continuous hot and cold water supply with adequate drainage. This consists of the installation of any heating accessories which you may require. Our electricians can provide you with complete rewiring of your bathrooms and installation of electrical accessories.

Enhance the Aesthetic and Real-Estate Value of Your Home

Bathrooms make a significant difference not just in your standard of living but also in your home's aesthetic appeal and value. If you intend to sell your house but your bathrooms need to be in shape, you will find it hard to fetch a reasonable price for your property. Carrying out a partial renovation for basic uplift may allow you to get the best price for your home.

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  1. Bespoke customisation of your bathrooms to meet your needs and desires.
  2. High-quality raw materials and bathroom accessories from the best manufacturers.
  3. Complete in-house team, including interior designers, to help you plan the best layout and design.
  4. Highly competitive pricing for all home bathroom renovations.

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