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Loft conversions are highly popular nowadays. Whether you need a new suite, a bedroom or a play area, adding a loft conversion is the ideal solution for all such concerns. Having a loft conversion gives a voguish look to your home, provides more living space and adds much value to your property.

Loft Conversions Fulham can fulfil all these purposes if they are designed by professional contractors that are experienced, knowledgeable and proficient in providing you with the best outcome. In this regard, Tenfold Renovations provides quality loft conversion services in Fulham to renovate and refurbish your house according to the latest standards.

Identifying Common Problems with Loft Conversions

Lack of Required Head Height

The moment you think of getting a loft conversion in Fulham, you must ensure the proper head height of your loft. The minimum height standard for a loft conversion is 2.2m; more precisely it is 2.4m for a comfortable loft. Therefore, having due space is much more important for a nicely built loft conversion, and consulting some loft conversions specialist in Fulham for loft ideas and designs will be the best option to make the most out of it.

Planning Permission

Generally, you don’t need to have planning permission for constructing loft conversions Fulham. However, it is not always applicable. For example, you don’t have to apply for planning permission if you are thinking of a simple roof light or rear dormer conversion. Contrarily, if you need to add some large modular conversions or some designs that would alter the symmetry of the building then you need planning permission as failing to do so can be problematic for you.

Approval of Building Regulations

Designing a new loft conversion without the approval of Building Regulations can be risky as loft conversion Building Regulations apply to headroom, fire regulations, insulation, floor and wall construction, and ventilation. An expert loft conversions company in Fulham can provide you with a valuable piece of advice and ease the Building Regulations process for you.

Missing House Proportions

Getting more space is one of the key reasons to build a loft conversion; nevertheless, if you plan a loft by yourself, you may end up creating a mess in order to get a spacious loft conversion. You may forget about the exterior of the house, how it looks, if it is proportionate with the interior, and whether the extension rules have been followed.

To avoid this hassle, availing of the services of loft conversion contractors in Fulham can be extremely helpful. We make sure that you get a super-spacious loft without damaging the exterior aesthetics of the property.

Spending Unnecessarily on a Loft Conversion

Apart from other careful practices, planning a budget to get your desired design of loft conversion should be taken seriously; otherwise, you may spend too much unnecessarily.

For example, a usual roof light loft conversion can cost as low as £25,000 whereas a fully finished loft conversion can cost up to £35,000. Other than this, some loft conversions like mansard and modular can be built for £80,000+. Considering this value range, planning an economical budget can save you from money waste.

Getting expert advice from Tenfold Renovations can help you plan loft conversions cost in Fulham to avoid any inconvenience later.

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How Can You Benefit from Loft Conversions?

A loft conversion done by an experienced loft conversions company in Fulham can be a great addition to your home serving many purposes.

A New Bedroom

Perhaps it’s the most common purpose of adding a loft conversion. People sometimes need more living space to accommodate their family; therefore, rather than moving to a new spacious home, loft extensions in Fulham are a suitable solution to a lack of bedroom space.

A Cosy Bathroom

Loft conversions can also be used as a bathroom. You have to install a shower, toilet, sink, and skylight, and you get a small but decent bathroom.

Hobby Room

Acquiring a little peaceful corner in your home for a hobby is a nice experience; you can amaze yourself with a loft conversion serving as your hobby room to let you enjoy things you love to do.

Additionally, a loft conversion can be a walk-in wardrobe, a music studio, a library, a storage facility, or a playroom as well.


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