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If your family has grown in size and your small house is not sufficient for your needs anymore, you can build a beautiful extension that will not only fulfil your requirements but also increase the value of your house. A house extension project reshapes your house to satisfy your needs for extra space. Although it is usually not a very complex project, it needs proper planning and expertise to be carried out. Without proper planning and execution, you might end up with a useless structure that neither satisfies your needs nor fits with your house aesthetically. If you have decided to build a house extension, we advise you to hire house extension builders in Croydon who can design and construct a house extension that will go perfectly with the existing building.

Tenfold Renovation is one of the best home extensions builders in Croydon who will provide innovative extension ideas and design and construct your extension. We have highly skilled and competent engineers who have gained a lot of experience in house extensions over the years.

Benefits of House Extensions

  1. It will enhance the floor space of your house.
  2. House extension is a good alternative to moving to a new location.
  3. It is much less expensive as compared to a new house.
  4. A house extension will make your house more aesthetically pleasing
  5. It increases the value of your house.
  6. Most of the house extensions do not need planning permission to be built.
  7. With a house extension, you can use otherwise useless space well.
  8. You can plan and design a house extension according to your needs.
  9. It will improve your lifestyle.
  10. There are countless innovative ideas for house extensions to choose from.

Why Hire House Extension Specialists in Croydon?

Planning and

House extensions require proper planning and a design that can amalgamate with the existing building; otherwise, you might end up ruining the aesthetic look of your whole house. That is why it is advised to hire a specialist house extensions service in Croydon so that you can make the best of the project.

Approval from Building Department

Although most of the house extensions do not require planning permissions, they need to get approval from the building department for compliance with health and safety regulations, along with the submission of working drawings of your extension project as well. Hence, you will need a house extension contractor who can provide you with all the architectural and structural drawings that you need for approval.


In most cases, house extensions prove to be once in a lifetime project and take a lot of money out of your pocket. If not constructed properly, it can render your whole initiative useless. It is better if you hire a house extension builder whose experienced engineers and foremen can carry out the construction properly.

Why Us? House Extension Company Croydon


Tenfold Renovation has successfully attained loads of experience in building house extensions over the years. We are providing high-quality services to our customers for many years.

Our Team

Tenfold Renovation not only have qualified architects and engineers but also professionals from all related fields like plumbers, electricians, masons and carpenters. If you hire us, we can take your project from start to the finish by ourselves.


Our team is skilled, qualified and professional in their dealings with our clients. You will find them friendly, polite and well-behaved throughout the process.

Quality of work

Tenfold Renovation is committed to maintaining its work quality to the highest level to comply with all health and safety regulations. We leave our customers satisfied after the completion of the project.


Construction projects are subjected to strict safety protocols to prevent any unfortunate incident due to heavy machinery and debris. Our team makes sure that they adhere to the safety procedures required for a construction project.

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Tenfold Renovation: House Extensions Croydon

  1. We have gained vast experience in house extensions.
  2. We have a comprehensive team of architects, engineers and professionals from all related fields.
  3. Our team maintains the highest standards when it comes to quality of work.
  4. We provide innovative and modern ideas for house extensions.
  5. We provide all the help to get your approval from the building department.

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