House Extensions in Sutton

People are opting for house extensions in Sutton due to the excessive increase in property prices and the cost expended to construct a new house. This is because extending the home gives more space that can be used to accommodate a big family, and it saves us from moving the home. If you also want to extend your home to increase the space, you must know about different types and sizes of extensions and hire a professional construction team like us.

Hire House Extension Specialists in Sutton

Tenfold Renovation has been a renowned company for its services in construction, renovation, and house extensions in Sutton. Delivering quality for years, our team prioritises affordability, professionalism, and reliable services to its clients. We have archived thousands of positive reviews from clients we have worked for across the UK’s major cities. Call us and connect with reliable house extension builders.

Benefits of a Well-Constructed House Extension

Although house extensions give you several benefits, certain aspects make an extension a good one.

They Are Thermal Efficient

The first thing that an extension should have is thermal efficiency. Thermal efficiency is the capability of your home to retain coolness in summer and warmth in winter. A thermally efficient building needs less energy to sustain a certain temperature than the one with poor thermal efficiency.

We undertake several approaches to ensure excellent efficiency when extending your home. We focus on installing super-insulated columns, pelmets, and double-glazing windows and doors while keeping costs as low as possible.

The following are the steps undertaken by our home extensions builders in Fulham:

We Undertake a Systematic Approach to Work

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Durable Constructions

A house extension must last longer to maximise the value you gain on your investment. As a reputed house extension company, we use high-quality materials and make the extension durable enough to endure environmental hazards.

Match Your Home Design

The home extension should match your home's aesthetics and style inspirations. You can use several sizes and styles to build your home extension. As the leading home extension builders, we carefully choose and design your home extension by ensuring it fits well with your current home design.

Increased Property Value

One of the reasons many clients extend their property or home is to increase the overall market value. A bigger, more spacious house ultimately adds to the resale value. In short, a good house extension is one that increases your home’s value. As a professional house extension company, we build the extension with our prime focus on increasing the value of your property.

We Undertake a Systematic Approach

  1. Conduct a Survey: When you book our service, we’ll first send a team of experts to survey your home. We may use a laser survey considering the site, home, and other factors.
  2. Design and Plan the Extension: After surveying the site, we discuss it with the client and select the extension type. This phase also includes the design and planning of the extension with our team of experts.
  3. Construction: In this phase, we start constructing the property. We fulfil all the client’s requirements while strictly adhering to the rules and regulations.
  4. Finalising and Handing Over: We finalise everything and hand it over to the client. In this phase, we test the structural integrity, appliances installed, reliability, etc.

Let’s Connect and Discuss Your Project!

We at Tenfold Renovation are known for providing reliable and affordable house extensions service in Sutton and other UK’s major cities. Our experience shows that although the house extension may seem straightforward, it’s not. It requires a team of professionals and experts to carefully plan and execute the extension process using the latest techniques and equipment.

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