Loft Conversions in Merton


Executed with Meticulous Attention to Detail

Loft conversion in Merton has become one of the most popular ways to increase the living space of your home.

Without extending or altering the footprint, you can change your loft into a stunning master bedroom, an ensuite bathroom, an office, or a playroom for your kids.

Regardless of its benefits, there is plenty to determine, such as while transforming your loft, would it be necessary to extend the existing roof or headroom? To work it out, you need our loft conversions specialist; we help you transform your space into the loft of your dreams while using our expertise and experience.

Efficient and Uncomplicated Process

Tenfold Renovation is a one-stop solution offering various types of loft conversions. We have a wide range of skilled and trained professionals in carpentry, painting, plastering and masonry under one roof.

This means that our loft conversion contractors take care of everything from the early stages of planning to execution.

Here is how our team transforms your loft by simply putting together a general framework. 

Stage 1

  1. First, we will erect scaffolding around your roof and leave the house entrances for easy access.
  2. We also transport the necessary batch or materials required for the build.
  3. This may include skips, steels, or portaloo.

Stage 2

  1. Our team will start working on the required structural alterations and flooring.
  2. And if you choose a dormer loft, new floor joists are installed above the existing ceiling joists.

Stage 3

  1. At this stage, all the necessary electrical cables, pipework and plumbing work is completed.
  2. These all will be covered by plaster afterwards.
  3. All the external work will also be completed such as roof work, guttering, soffits or lead work.

Stage 4

  1. At this phase, our team of loft extensions in Merton place the floorboards, completely covering all the wiring and pipes.
  2. The staircase providing access to your loft will also be installed at this stage.

Stage 5

  1. To reduce your heating bills and heat loss, your loft will be insulated by filling in all the gaps.
  2. Simultaneously, the walls and ceiling will also be plastered.

Stage 6

  1. At this point, the fittings such as the sink, toilet or any other electrical appliance will be installed.
  2. The doors are hung, railings and spindles are added, and skirtings are installed.

Stage 7

  1. At this step, our team will clean and declutter your place, tying all the loose ends and ensuring you are satisfied with the finish.
  2. If you need us to make changes, we will happily do so.

Stage 8

  1. All the scaffolding will be removed, leaving your loft with a bright, airy living space.

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Tenfold Renovation is a trustworthy and reliable loft conversions company in Merton. We can carry out a number of loft conversion types to turn your dark or dusty storage space into a sophisticated, clean one.

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Loft Conversion Cost

Though converting your loft is relatively cheaper than any other extension method for adding extra space, the exact loft conversion cost cannot be calculated. The cost is subject to the type of loft conversion you choose and the level of finishing you desire.

To simplify the process, our team at Tenfold Renovation will pay a site visit and provide you with a quote. In such a way, you will have a projected cost; meanwhile, our team will make sure you get the highest standards of loft conversion services in Merton, regardless of budget.

What Do You Get from Converting Your Loft?

  1. A spacious and increased living space without moving to a new property.
  2. Increased value of your property in case you want to sell in the future.
  3. You can pick from various types and styles that best fit in with your lifestyle and personality.
  4. An energy-efficient space; for instance, Velux windows welcome natural sunlight throughout the day. This means artificial lighting will not be required.
  5. Not all loft conversions require planning permission.

Tenfold Renovation: Always One Step Ahead of Others

Our expert team closely collaborates with the client to cater to all their loft conversion needs.

We have dealt with a diverse range of clients, gaining enough experience to proficiently add space and value to your property.

When it comes to a loft conversion, we have the right people in our company as we don’t call in contractors or experts from outside.


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