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Loft conversions are a popular option to enhance usable space in the house. They are less expensive and less hectic as compared to a house extension or moving to a new house altogether. They usually fall under the permitted development rights which reduces their cost even more.

If you have a dark and creepy attic at your house in Sutton and you want to change it into a spacious and bright bedroom, loft conversions are the best way for you to do that. All you need is a renowned loft conversions company in Sutton for the design and construction of your loft.

Tenfold Renovation provides premium-class loft conversion services in Sutton. Our highly creative designers and architects provide innovative design ideas that will perfectly fit in with your house design and increase both its aesthetic and monetary value. We also house a skilled and specialised team of engineers that can efficiently undertake any kind of loft conversion. 

Available Options for Loft Conversion

Roof Light Loft Conversion

Roof light loft conversions are the most basic and economical type of loft conversion. In this conversion, simple windows are added to the gabled roof to provide natural light and ventilation in an otherwise dark attic. They experience minimum disruption and no structural changes to the house.

Dormer Loft Conversion

Dormer loft conversion presents a good option for those who are looking to increase headroom in their loft. This requires adding a dormer shape into the gable roof of the house. Dormers are generally constructed from timber or uPVC. They can be constructed in different shapes and sizes according to the requirements and the available space of the structure.

Modular Loft Conversion

This specific roof conversion offers the fastest solution for conversion in terms of installation. In this, a shape made of steel is pre-fabricated in a manufacturing facility and then transported to the site for its installation. However, this roof conversion mostly requires planning permission from the local authorities.

Mansard Loft Conversion

In mansard conversion, elevation angle of the slopey roof is increased to 72°. This converts the slopey roof into almost vertical and creates a lot of space inside the house. Mansard conversion also requires planning permission, so, it is better to consult local authorities before installation.

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

Hip-to-gable conversion includes removal of slopey walls and construction of a standard vertical wall instead. This can create immense space and headroom inside. Furthermore, vertical walls also provide an opportunity to install standard windows.

Benefits of Loft Extensions

  • Adds to the property value and increases the sale price and rental income.
  • Avoids inconvenience and the cost of moving to a bigger house.
  • Provides extra space in the form of a bathroom, bedroom or living area.
  • Increases ventilation and natural light in your house.
  • Enhances the overall appearance and curb appeal of your house.
  • A loft conversion generally does not require planning permission.
  • It also provides flexible design solutions and allows you to tailor the space according to your requirements.

They Are a Highly Affordable Option

Many factors contribute to determining how much loft conversions cost in Sutton. Such as:

  • Type of the loft conversion
  • Size of the conversion
  • Materials quality
  • Finishing quality of the conversion

However, the following details will provide the average costs of different loft conversions to help you determine a cost estimate for your project:

  • A roof light conversion is the simplest and it can cost around £20,000.
  • A dormer loft conversion can cost around £50,000.
  • A hip-to-gable roof conversion costs around £62,000.
  • You can expect to spend around £67,000 for a mansard conversion.

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Tenfold Renovation is one of the most experienced loft conversion contractors in Sutton. We have been providing quality services in both design and construction of loft extensions in Sutton for many years.

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We have housed some of the most skilled and experienced architects and engineers in Sutton who can undertake and expedite any roof conversion. We also have a team of professionals from other related fields, such as masons, carpenters, electricians and plumbers.

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We understand that construction projects are required to follow rigid safety regulations owing to the heavy machines and debris that collects at the site to avoid any unfortunate accidents. Our team is trained to strictly adhere to the safety procedures during construction and provide a safe environment for both the workers and the house residents.

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