New Soft Wood and Hard Wood Staircase Installation Including Design

Staircase Installation

New Soft Wood and Hard Wood Staircase Installation Including Design

Once you have got the wooden flooring installed in your home, it is time to begin work on the design and construction of the wooden stairs leading up to first floor rooms in your home. Wooden floors are complemented well by these hardwood stairs and you want to give your home a warm and inviting feeling with the use of wooden stairs.

Why it is important to choose the staircase supplier wisely

There are dozens of companies selling staircases and their components. Out of these Tenfold Renovation is the most loved and respected name because of use of high quality hardwood and softwood and also highest quality workmanship that ensures you are able to use these stairs for a long time to come. It is not just the stairs you choose but also the company that helps in its design, construction, and installation because these stairs are structural parts of the house. Selection of wrong company that is not reliable or is unprofessional can lead to installation of inferior quality stairs that become hard to rectify or replace in future.

Unmatched expertise and experience in staircase industry

Tenfold Renovation is a company having years of experience in the design, construction, and installation of hardwood and softwood staircases in homes of its clients across the country. They have the knowledge and ware withal to install staircases that fully match and complement the wooden flooring you have got installed in your home. It is in your own interest to choose the leader of the staircase industry over those who are inefficient and unreliable.

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Features to keep in mind

Installation of staircase is an important decision not just because you want it to match with the hardwood flooring you have already got installed but also because you want everything to go off as planned in a very swift and smooth manner. There are many things to keep in mind when choosing the hardwood and the softwood for different components of the staircase. Some design and constructions features like grain direction, texture, color, contour, strength etc have a direct bearing on the beauty and quality of the staircase finally installed inside your home.

Intelligent advice on the selection of type of risers

Risers are as important as treads in a staircase. Tenfold Renovation is the company that gives you the right advice in the selection of perfect risers for your staircase. You can go for natural risers, using the same wood on risers as is used on the stair treads. Another popular type of risers is by choosing natural wood to present a contrast with the dark wood treads. Many homeowners get their risers painted in white to contrast them from dark wood treads. Finally, there are some homeowners that prefer decorative or tiled risers to give a very glamorous look to the staircases in their homes. These risers look like a work of art, reflecting the nature and personality of the homeowner.

A wide variety of beautiful designs

Only sky is the limit when you choose Tenfold Renovation as the designer and installer of the staircase in your home as you get advantage of their rich experience and expertise. They have n numbers of design to choose from to add glamour and style in your home. They also have experts who guide you through the selection of design so as to finalize a design that is perfect from the point of view of not just beauty but also strength and durability. After all, safety of your family members is paramount for you, isn’t it?

It is easy to be lured by the beautiful designs of staircases displayed in the form of photographs on the website of a staircase company. This is why you can be easily confused when trying to compare the quotes from different companies. It is impossible to know the quality of the staircase from the image on the website. This is where the expertise and experience of a company like Tenfold Renovation comes into play. You can choose any staircase design made by the company blindly as you can be sure of receiving the highest quality staircase that is not just good looking but also strong and long lasting. Go with the leader to get the best looking and highest quality staircase in your home.

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