Lofts Conversions and New House Extensions

New House Extensions

Lofts Conversions and New House Extensions

Loft conversion and new house extension are major renovations of a home that become necessary when a family grows in size and the small home is not able to fulfill all their needs. These renovations are also undertaken by homeowners to add extra living space and to increase the value of their property. There are many companies providing loft conversion and house extension services but the name of Tenfold Renovation is the most respected one in this field. It is a company that has been providing these services in high quality and cost effective manner to its clients for the last many years.

Go for loft conversion if you want extra living space

Tenfold Renovation has a long and varied experience of loft conversion. If you feel that your family has outgrown the small home in which you have been living until now, you can ask for a loft conversion to have more living space in the same home. The possibilities are endless with the design and execution of loft conversion carried out by Tenfold Renovation. You can have a master bedroom or kids’ room through loft conversion or even a gym for yourself in place of the dark and unused space in the name of a loft. You will be pleasantly surprised how Tenfold Renovation can make use of its expertise and experience to transform your loft into bright and airy living space.

Loft conversion is not a simple task. It takes careful planning and utilization of modern techniques to carry out loft conversion. If you are the homeowner, it is only natural for you to feel overwhelmed and have many queries in your mind. Tenfold Renovation has all answers to your questions regarding obtaining permission from the authorities to what are the possibilities with your loft.

Tenfold Renovation has to its credit, successful loft conversions of dozens of its clients who are thankful for immaculate planning and smooth execution to bring their dreams to a reality. Loft conversions done by Tenfold Renovation are marvels of engineering and they provide not just extra living space but also add significantly to the beauty and value of the home of the client.

Adding space and value through house extensions

Another major home renovation that becomes necessary when the needs of a growing family cannot be met with the current space in the home is house extension. It could be by construction of new rooms on the ground floor if there is extra living space available on the property or through construction of an entire floor over ground floor. Tenfold Renovation has been helping its clients through house extensions to add more living space and also adding value to their properties.

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Get desired results through combined efforts of a team of professionals

Tenfold Renovation has a large team of not just developers and builders but also highly skilled professionals from different trades like masonry, carpentry, plumbing, plastering, painting, roofing, etc. This means that right from the planning stage to the actual implementation of the plan is carried out by the company on its own without outsourcing equipment or tradesmen. It also means that Tenfold Renovation carries out excavation, brickwork, plastering, roofing, tiling, painting, without having to call in experts from other companies.

Remember the fact that there are many companies offering loft conversions. They may make tall claims about their expertise and they may promise beautiful living space through loft conversion. But none of them has such a huge reservoir of experience and a talented team comprised of engineers and tradesmen that Tenfold Renovation has. Loft conversions and house extensions are major decisions involving a lot of money. Take this decision wisely and choose a service provider that knows what it is doing.

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