Insurance Repair Services

Insurance repairing

Insurance Repair Services

Most homeowners go for a house building insurance policy to have a cover for their valuable asset. But they do not want to deal directly with their insurance company whenever their building develops problems in its structure. They are desirous of speedy and efficient repair without having to deal directly with their insurance company.

This is where the insurance repair services of Tenfold Renovation come handy for the clients. The company is the approved contractor for all insurance companies operating in the area. It carries out all repair and renovation for damages caused by floods, thunderstorms, and accidental fires in the homes of the people.

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If you are a policy holder and the building of your home has been damaged by any natural calamity or fire, you are eligible to receive full repair services free of cost form the insurance company. Just contact Tenfold Renovation to have the building of your home repaired efficiently and in quick time and leave the task of loss adjusting and dealing with the insurance company upon Tenfold Renovation.

The expertise and experience in construction and repairs coupled with the knowledge of insurance claims makes Tenfold Renovationx the undisputed leader in the insurance repairs industry.

All Insurance Repairs in a Fast and Efficient Manner

It is aim of Tenfold Renovation to provide high quality repair services to its clients while at the same time settling the claims issue with the insurance company to make it smooth and hassle free project for the homeowner. The first question uppermost in the minds of all homeowners when they hear of repair and renovation services of Tenfold Renovation is ‘do you work with my insurer?’.

The simple answer to this general query is yes, Tenfold Renovation is the approved contractor for all insurance companies operating across the country. So no matter which insurance company you have bought insurance policy from, you can freely contact Tenfold Renovation for all your home repair jobs that are covered under the policy.

Fury of nature can not only cause extensive damage to the exterior structure of the house but also to the electrical wiring and fittings as well as plumbing of the home. Tenfold Renovation is the leading repair and renovation company that does not leave the job of plumbing and electrical repairs behind even though these repairs are not normally covered under the homeowner’s insurance policy.

With other repair companies brought for repair services at the site of the homeowner by the insurance company, it becomes an issue to get the problems with electrical wiring and plumbing rectified. But this is not the case when you call up Tenfold Renovation to take care of your home repair problems.

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How the Process of Insurance Repair Works?

Just remember that Tenfold Renovation, even though it is the approved contractor for all insurance companies, works to safeguards the best interests of its customers. This means it will never make a compromise with the quality of repair or try to finish the job in a hurry to please the insurance companies.

Tenfold Renovation maintains a huge army of skilled professionals in all trades like carpentering, plumbing, masonry, electrical, roof repairing, plastering, painting etc to rush the concerned experts on to the site of the customer depending upon the extent and nature of damage. Besides repair works, Tenfold Renovation also helps in fire and flood restoration to help homeowners in times of distress.

So the first thing to do when you find your home ravaged by the fury of nature is not to panic but to call Tenfold Renovation. The company takes over the responsibility of not just repairs but also the job of dealing with your insurance company

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