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Property repair specialist that has carved a niche for itself in the world of home repairs and renovations.

Tenfold Renovation is the property repair specialist that has carved a niche for itself in the world of home repairs and renovations. It has a huge reservoir of experience and expertise, having renovated homes of its clients in the last many years. There are times when it becomes for a homeowner to think along the lines of repairs when his family grows or when the structure becomes old and outdated.

Quality construction is the mantra behind all renovation projects

Tenfold Renovation understands that needs and requirements of a client may be different but what is common in all projects of home repairs and renovations is quality construction and minute attention to details. Tenfold Renovation is renowned as a renovation expert that offers high quality multi trade services in an affordable budget to its clients. Whether it is renovation of the outdated bathroom or the kitchen, Tenfold Renovation carries out full repairs to the full satisfaction of the homeowner in a short time period. It undertakes myriad home repair and renovation jobs such as painting, decoration, partition walls, flooring, false ceiling, tiling, plastering, roof repair and work related to ornate cornices.


Pictures say it in thousand words

Tenfold Renovation has a strong portfolio of the repair works that it has completed for its clients spread all over the country in the last several years. The company has carried out all sorts of repair jobs from minor to major and it is hard to describe these projects without taking a close look. The easiest way to know what Tenfold Renovation is capable of, you are invited to go through this picture gallery.

Tenfold Renovation employs professionals from different trades such as carpenters, electricians, masons, plumbers, roofing specialists, painters, plasterers. These are all highly skilled and experienced professionals that are sent to the premises of the client according to the nature of the project and requirement.

Tenfold Renovation also has strong connections with all related industries to get the work of the client done without any hiccups. This is one reason why the projects undertaken by Tenfold Renovation are always completed within the stipulated deadline and without any cost overruns.

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Emphasis on quality and full attention to details

Tenfold Renovation is one repair and renovation company that leaves no stone unturned to make sure that the quality of work done by its team remains top notch. The company never makes any compromise with the quality of raw materials and craftsmanship. Customers know that their renovation project is carried out efficiently with the highest possible quality.

Pleasing aspect about the projects undertaken by Tenfold Renovation is that they come with cost effective solutions for the customers. Yes, Tenfold Renovation , despite being the leader in the field of repair and renovation, charges the most affordable prices from its clients.

At all renovation sites, engineers and quality control inspectors of Tenfold Renovation pay frequent visits to pay attention to even the minutest of details. This attention to details leads to repairs that are long lasting and ones that do not develop problems in near future. In fact, Tenfold Renovation provides unconditional guarantee on its entire repair and renovation works done at the site of the clients.

Fully licensed and insured staff

All professionals sent by Tenfold Renovation at the site of repair or renovation are fully licensed and also fully insured. This means high quality work to the full satisfaction of the client and according to the standards of construction laid out by the authorities. Fully insured professionals means there is no liability of the client in the event of a mishap during the project and all legal and medical costs are borne by the company.

Better value for your money

There are many companies offering repair and renovation services to the clients across the country. But Tenfold Renovation is different from others in the sense that it provides high quality and cost effective solutions that are long lasting. They provide better value for the money of the client and also give him a better experience than all other repair services. The process of repairs is totally transparent and Tenfold Renovation keeps the client informed at all stages of the project. This means that the client is in the loop all the time and he is aware of what is happening at what time.


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